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This past weekend was a fashionista’s greatest success. Buffalo Exchange celebrated their 40th Anniversary here in NYC, and YES, they brought the party to us. Kicking it off with complimentary cotton candy and popcorn, I gained more then enough energy to strut around and shop!


Although I’m never disappointed with the array of deals & steals inside the store, I couldn’t stay away from the…

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Rompin’ in RiffRaff!

Rompin’ in RiffRaff!

Happy Saturday! And peace out to the winter weather! IMG_5433HELLO SPRING!

I can finally say that with confidence. Gorgeous day today, and what better way to embrace the sunshine with my “Lillian Love” Romper from RiffRaff! Rompers are honestly the way to go this spring, why? Because not only do they compliment your shape, but they are just so easy and comfortable, still making you feel fun and flirty! 


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Buffalo Exchange 40th Anniversary: Let’s Celebrate!

Buffalo Exchange 40th Anniversary: Let’s Celebrate!

Attention to all Fashion lovers in NYC! If you love to shop and get crazy good deals, then you’ll want to keep reading.

buff exchange pic

Buffalo Exchange, the number one consignment store in the United States, is celebrating its 40th anniversary! On April 12th & 13th, you can embrace your inner fashionista by stopping into the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea and/or the East Village of NYC to shop the vintage 1969…

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A Coatless Outfit: Spring is Here!

A Coatless Outfit: Spring is Here!

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Okay, I can breathe. Why? Because this week, the weather finally hit 50 degrees or higher and for NYC, that’s golden.

This outfit of the day was something I wanted to rock for a Broadway show that I was going to see, “Hedwig and The Angry Inch”. But what made this outfit even more enjoyable to wear? I didn’t have to wear a coat! Rocking the flowy top with the tight skinnies, kept me warm enough…

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Gold Adore: Event Tomorrow!

Gold Adore: Event Tomorrow!

 To all jewelry lovers, you must check out the amazing fine jewelry shop called, “Gold Adore” on Etsy! Gold Adore is a fine vintage jewelry collection of gold and precious gems found, constructed, and appraised by the owner and gemologist herself, Gillian Griffiths!


AND, it gets better, because if you live in the San Francisco area you can go to the Apple Store tomorrow in San Fran to listen to…

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My New Fashion Motto:

My New Fashion Motto:

Depressed? Be Fabulously Dressed.

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My new motto to live by as it continues to be 30 degrees and below here in March. I realized how down I was becoming with this weather in NYC, rather then taking it and running with it! So, this outfits inspiration came from wanting to brighten up my day, literally, and hopefully someone else’s too!

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAnd Voila! It was a success, about 10 people said, “Wow! Love…

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Chloe’s Cravings being FEATURED on SHOPSTYLE!

Chloe’s Cravings being FEATURED on SHOPSTYLE!

So excited to announce that my Spring 2014 Shop is going to be featured on Shopstyle.com which you can find by clicking


 I hope you all become instantly inspired and excited to go out and find some of these trends to kick off your Spring Wardrobe! Please share wherever you’d like and don’t forget to hashtag #chloescravings or tag me on Instagram: chloescravings 





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Vaca Essentials: Comfy Chic

Vaca Essentials: Comfy Chic

Back from Vaca, relaxed, and not at all ready to take on the brutal weather that will soon make its mark on NYC…once again. I spent an amazing 10 days in my stomping grounds of Alabama and headed to the Florida house! There was nothing more relaxing then to throw on my favorite palazzo pants from Riff-Raff and a little bare foot action. The black top with the ruffle sleeves is also from Riff-Raff

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Cardigan Craze

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI have been so relaxed here on my Spring Break in the South, and I figured there is no better place to wear my favorite flowy cardigan from Riff-Raffthen on Vacation! I absolutely love this piece because not only is the pattern and color amaze balls, but it’s flowy, light, and comfortable leaving you with the perfect vaca wear on those warmer days. I paired it with some new strappy gladiators…

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Goodmorning! The sun is shining, and I thought I’d share with you something vintage that has… http://wp.me/s2BNjc-2616

Goodmorning! The sun is shining, and I thought I’d share with you something vintage that has been passed down, finally, to me! I have a strong love for vintage, and when it’s vintage designer I honestly go weak in the knees. This outfit is strictly focused around my grandmas vintage Ralph Lauren vest.

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